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Alyx DeBenedetto - iared D.C.

Animal Chiropractic Group

Board Certified Animal Chiropractor, IVCA –International Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Dr Alyx Debenedetto-Iared has been practicing in the Central Valley since 2010. It has been a dream of hers to provide care to animals in need of chiropractic care and thrive from the care provided. Since she has started, the explosion of physical health has exploded. It is exciting because more and more equestrians understand the importance of balance, strength, and applying them to their sport. The animal's benefit of this allows them to have much better health overall. Dr. Alyx understands this from a personal experience what the ability to need chiropractic therapy. She became interested in chiropractic after sustaining a horseback riding injury at the early age of 13 years old. After several years of being told by medical doctors to take medications and to stop riding horses for her recurrent back pain, her next-door neighbor, a chiropractor, suggested an alternative. After receiving treatment, she was back riding. She was able to compete on the Fresno State Equestrian Team while completing her undergraduate at CSU Fresno. She completed her chiropractic doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2008 in San Jose, California. She continued her education for animals in Kansas at Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic, graduating in 2009.


Born and raised on a ranch in Clovis, Ca, Dr Alyx grew up extremely involved with 4-H, FFA, and horseback riding. Her love and concern for animals had originally sparked an interest to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. By working alongside a veterinarian for her last year of high school and first year of college, she had first-hand exposure to their day in and day out.

Though she enjoyed veterinary medicine, her world had been opened into chiropractic and the many alternative options it provides for conservative care. She is very excited to be able to offer this as an option for animals in need.

Animal Chiropractic Group
Animal Chiropractic Group

Speeding Up the Healing Process

Dr. Alyx brings with her education a new technique called Graston technique that compliments the chiropractic adjustment. The Graston technique helps break up scar tissue formed due to injuries that have healed with a restricted range of motion. It leads to the restoration of full function and range of motion, speeding up the healing process. It allows for their body to sustain alignment better with chiropractic adjustments.


  • International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA)
    • Board Certified 2009
  • Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic
    • Alumni 2009
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus
    • Alumni 2008, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
  • Graston Technique
    • Certified 2008
  • California State University, Fresno
    • Alumni, 2004, B.S.
  • National FFA Organization
    • American FFA Degree 1999
Animal Chiropractic Group
Animal Chiropractic Group


Sara graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelors in Animal Science - Equine Science. She now spends all her time away from work riding her horse and playing with her two dogs.